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Who supervises the work of your team?

There will always be a Construction Manager to oversee your project and be on site but I will also be at your home to manage the project as well.

Do you use subcontractors?

Yes, for mechanical trades like, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. We are very selective of the subcontractors we use. They are all licensed and insured, and considered the best in their respective fields. We, of course, will be your point of contact throughout the entire project.

When will you start to work on my kitchen?

We will normally start the job when the cabinets are delivered to your home. I will not tear out your current cabinets until I know I will be able to install the new ones right away. I don’t want you to be waiting, without a kitchen, for days or weeks.

Should I expect the price to be higher than the budget when the job is finished?

No, unless you decide you want extra work done. When I give you a proposal, it will include all aspects of the job based upon our conversations and your expectations. Remember, this is YOUR project. My job is to try and match your expectations to what can possibly be done within your budget.

What kind of prices are we talking about?

Pricing is dependant on the size of project and its complexity. The types/grades of flooring, cabinets etc. chosen will also affect the price. Our goal is quality products and workmanship that will last for many years. Whatever your budget, we will work with you to deliver a finished product that you will be proud and excited about.

Do you do design work and consulting work?

We have an in house architect that will work with you in the design phase for your ideal kitchen, bathroom, addition or whatever your project might be. We are not an interior design company but for purposes of design and layout we are with you during the entire project.

When do I pay for the remodeling job?

Typically in any remodeling job, payment is done in draws thatcoincide with different parts of the work, and the last one will be on usable completion.

Do you protect the home during the job?

We pride ourselves in having a clean and safe job site. To insure your belongings will be protected, we will either cover or move them to another room out of the construction area. Our goal is to keep your home as clean and functional as possible.